Experts in laser cutting

F.H. Industrial is specialised in the laser technology for metal cutting.

We have Fiber Optic Laser machinery offering our customers the most suitable technology for each project.

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We have the most advanced technology in laser cutting machinery offering high cutting precision and fast work

We offer the best option to any sector in the manufacture of prototypes, limited series or large productions, both in single laser cutting jobs and as part of a process also requiring machining, welding and/oer subsequent assembly.

Due to its high precision and fast working speed, the laser cut technique results to be a great solution for the present industry, at an affordable price even in smaller series.

Advantages of laser cutting

Laser cutting is the best cutting option due to its high precision, high speed and low cost

Hig accuracy icon

High accuracy

The area affected by the laser is very limited, which prevents distortions

laser icon cutting a shape

Unlimited forms

The contour of the piece to be cut can be of any shape and complexity

Laser cutting icon

Optimisation of material

Better use of the material because the groove width is minimal

perpendicular cut icon

Perpendicular cut

The cutting walls are perpendicular to the piece and not rounded as in other cutting processes

Laser cutting applications

Quality parts, components and subsets in single, short, medium or long series

Given its versatility, this technology can be used to develop both very small objects, such as some elements of the furniture industry, and to produce large pieces that serve within the production process of the assembly lines of the automotive or railway industry.

Our long experience in the laser cutting sector allows us to offer our clients solutions of any kind of complexity, we adapt to your market, both in technological industries and in the food and agroindustrial industries, where the necessary resources prevail so that a contamination that affects the product won´t occur.

We strive daily to make possible the challenges of our clients in any sector.

Metal constructions · Automotive and railway components · Agroindustrial machinery Components · Food machinery components · Advertising elements · Lift · Automated machinery · Street furniture · Engineering prototypes · Signposting

Laser cutting machine cutting metal piece
Metal piece cogwheel
Metal sheet with cut pieces

Fiber optic laser cutting services

We have Fiber Optic Laser machinery offering our customers the most appropriate technology for each project. Almost all types of metals can be laser cut: carbon steel, ferritic steel, stainless steel and aluminium are the most common applications.

Carbon steel
up to 20mm
Ferritic steel
up to 10mm
Stainless steel
up to 15mm
up to 15mm

For other measures or special forms contact our Commercial Department.

Fiber optic Laser cutting

Fiber laser characteristics

Fiber lasers are the newest development in laser cutting. The laser beam is generated in an active fiber and guided to the cutting head of the machine using a transport fiber, through diodes and fiber cables.

The fiber laser is suitable for the treatment of thin sheets, endowed with medium thickness of up to 12mm and non-ferrous metals.

High cutting quality

Cut with precision, less deformation, and a minimal area affected by the heat.

Certified quality

Our certifications are a guarantee of a quality service, subject to constant verification throughout the production process. The Quality Department of FH Industrial is formed by a team specialized in the good development and management of products and services in order to guarantee optimum quality.

TÜV ISO-9001 Certification brand

ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems

With the certification of this standard, FH Industrial meets the requirements established for the implementation and maintenance of the quality system.

Sello certificación TÜV ISO-9001

ISO-14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard

Con esta certificación confirmarnos nuestra posición de empresa social y ambientalmente responsable cumpliendo con los requisitos establecidos para la implantación de un sistema eficiente de gestión de residuos que minimiza el impacto ambiental adverso.

LRQA brand

EN 15085-2 Certification

F.H. Industrial is certified in accordance with the EN 15085-2 standard, class CL1, as a company specialized in welding of railway vehicles and components.

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Send us the cutting data such as material, lengths, thicknesses ... as well as the number of pieces required. Attach in the message the plans of the parts in any of the following formats: DXF, DWG, IPP, FTEP, PDF, JPG, JPEG. Once we have the information we will contact you as soon as possible.

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